Why Wash Your Property?


    • Appearance: VACUUM POWER WASH dirt and grime off in order to make your floor look new.

    • Odors: Spilled food _ beverage, pet droppings, and "disgusting habit" substances discarded onto surfaces result in unpleasant odors that drive finicky customers from businesses.

    • STERILIZE your floors - IRRADICATE PESTS _ DANGEROUS PATHEGONS : We eliminate the infestation of rodents, ants, flies, and cockroaches by washing organic wastes off surfaces with up to 4,000 PSI water heated up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, then we VACUUM the contamination with our 38 HORSEPOWER system.

    • Structural Integrity: Gasoline, diesel, oil, grease, acids from food _ beverages, radiator fluid, and hydraulic fluid from vehicle brake, power steering and transmission systems can permeate and deteriorate surfaces as hard as granite. VACUUM HEAT POWER washing surfaces stops this destructive process in order to avoid future costly repairs and resurfacing. Removing these harmful substances could even prevent the possibility of a collapse of a structure.

    • Internal Drain Systems Back-Up Prevention: Current surreptitious methods of pressure washing can result in your property's drain systems being clogged with solid waste. After a rainstorm or a plumbing accident, backed-up drains can flood areas with contaminated water, requiring costly plumber and decontamination services. We VACUUM ALL of the contaminated water so that your internal drain systems are unaffected and BLACK WATER does not drip into your lower levels.

    • Safety _ Liability: Greasy fast food, ice cream, oil, grease, diesel fuel, radiator fluid, and hydraulic fluids are all extremely slippery substances. Surface VACUUM WASHING prevents the potential liability of clients or employees falling and getting injured. These spilled automobile fluids also reduce motorcycle and automobile tire traction, which cause loss of control - resulting in traffic accidents and injuries in parking garages.

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