The Swabby 48

Clean Up America, Inc. (CUA) Swabby 48’s
THREE Elements of Washing:

HIGH WATER PRESSURE: A 34 horsepower (hp) engine is dedicated to our four high water pressure nozzles producing 1,000 to 4,000 PSI in order to BLAST grime off the surface.

HOT WATER: A 12 VDC diesel burner heats our pressurize water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit in order to melt and dissolve grime.

HIGH VACUUM EXTRACTION: A 38 hp engine is dedicated to our high-powered liquid extraction system that not only suctions the loose grime, but also vacuums the grime the hot water could not loosen.

Swabby 48 Applications

  • FREQUENT pressure washing to remove organic filth that emits foul odors and attracts ANTS, FLIES, COCKROACHES, AND RODENTS: Spilled beverages, food, feces, urine, spittle

    APPLICATIONS: Sidewalks, Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Arenas, Food Storage Facilities, Boardwalks, Piers, Cruise Ships.
  • HEAVY-DUTY pressure washing to remove INDUSTRIAL grime: Oil, grease, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, radiator fluid

    APPLICATIONS: Parking Garages, Warehouses, Maritime Port Surfaces, Barges, Ship Tankers, Aircraft Hangars _ Runways.
  • CEILING COLD WASHING gently removes Dirt Dauber Nests, bird droppings, dust, and cobwebs.


About the Swabby 48

    WITHOUT BRUSHES, the patented Swabby 48 system washes a path of 48 inches at a rate of up to 10,000 square feet PER HOUR. The automated Swabby 48 system has four water nozzles rotating on an independent belt-driven system. The nozzles fire up to 4,000 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) and heat water up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, then our extraction system vacuums the contaminated water with a dedicated 38 horse-powered engine. Water pressure and temperature are adjustable 1,000 to 4,000 PSI and ambient to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

    Because the Swabby 48's nozzles operate with high pressure at a high temperature – the Swabby 48 actually uses less water on more surface area than a standard garden hose. The Swabby 48 system reclaims _ recycles 80% of contaminated water (20% is lost to evaporation) during washing operations, and prevents pollutants from entering U.S. Waterways and Storm Drain systems in the Southwestern U.S. where water is a scarce resource and environmental protection enforcement is a high priority among local and federal governments. With the ability to reclaim and recycle water, the Swabby 48s can remain on a work-site for longer periods without having to refill for fresh water, which also results in less fuel usage and labor. The Swabby 48s get in and get out fast so that less water is used and your facility can resume routine operations immediately.

Swabby 48’s GUM-SUCKER

Have you ever wondered where all of those black dots came from on white cement surfaces? Most people think it is black paint or asphalt tar – it is common BUBBLE GUM.

This nasty discarded substance permeates into your hard surfaces and gets baked-in from days in the sun. It takes a labor-intensive process to remove all of these little dots from your storefront areas. CUA developed the GUM-SUCKER in order to blast off and vacuum the bubble gum into our contaminated-water tanks. CUACA can go the extra mile for you and beautify your smaller surface areas that have higher visibility to the public.


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