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  • FREQUENT pressure washing to remove discarded organic filth that emits foul odors and attracts ants flies rodents: Spilled beverages, food, feces, urine, spittle.

    APPLICATIONS: Sidewalks, Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Arenas, Food Storage Facilities, Boardwalks, Piers, Cruise Ships.
  • HEAVY-DUTY pressure washing to remove industrial grime: Oil, grease, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluids (transmission, brake, power steering), radiator fluid.

    APPLICATIONS: Parking Garages, Warehouses, Maritime Port Surfaces, Barges, Ship Tankers, Aircraft Hangars _ Runways.
  • BUBBLE-GUM REMOVAL: Have you ever wondered where all of those black dots came from on white cement surfaces? Most people think it is black paint or asphalt tar – it is common bubble gum.

    This nasty discarded substance permeates into your hard surfaces and gets baked-in from days in the sun. It takes a labor-intensive process to remove all of these little dots from your storefront areas. CUA developed the GUM-SUCKER that blasts it off and vacuums the removed bubble gum back into our contaminated-water tanks. CUACA can go the extra mile for you and beautify your smaller surface areas that have higher visibility to the public.
  • CEILING COLD WASHING removes Dirt Dauber Nests, bird droppings, dust, and cobwebs.

* We perform only high volume hard surface washing. Minimum work orders must be at least 40,000 Square Feet within a local area.

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