Clean Up America, Inc.’s History

Clean Up America of California's parent company, Clean Up America, Inc. (CUA), has manufactured and sold specialty hard surface pressure washing machinery since 1992. CUA holds worldwide patents for mobile pressure washing machines used for surface washing, water reclamation, and waste filtration.

CUA is led by CEO William E. Clemons, Sr., who has been in the surface pressure washing industry for over 25 years, designing and building various commercial and military pressure washing systems. Mr. Clemons was instrumental in the design of one of the first pressure washing systems designed specifically for industrial and automotive radiators.

The Swabby 48 LINK system evolved from late CUA BRUSHLESS systems that pressure washed the decks of military aircraft carriers since 1992. When the military mandated that pressure washing of their aircraft carrier decks be fully U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant and also preserve precious onboard fresh water storage, it tasked CUA to develop the Swabby 48.

Now you can have military technology pressure wash your high volume surfaces.


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